Welcome to the Centres of Expertise
The Centres of Expertise are a group of affiliated centres that provide a range of consultancy and training in specialised areas.

The International Academy for Professional Development Ltd and affiliated Centres are leading training providers of stress management, health and wellbeing, cognitive behaviour therapy, coaching, psychological coaching and coaching psychology courses.

​The Centre for Stress Management has trained many 1000s of students in stress management and cognitive behaviour therapy since 1987.

The Centre for Coaching has provided training for coaches, managers, trainers, psychologists, health and HR professionals from Europe to New Zealand. Its sister organisation, The Centres are affiliated the the International Academy for Professional Development Ltd (IAPD),


The Centres of Expertise group of Centres are based in London, England, and provide a range of training and consultancy services. Our first Centre, the Centre for Stress Management was established in 1987. We have delivered our accredited and recognised training programmes in Europe, China, Japan and New Zealand. In addition to the International academy’s website which brings our programmes together, each Centre of Expertise has its own website.

The courses run by the Centre for Coaching in partnership with the International Academy for Professional Development (IAFPD) are recognised for CPD purposes by the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) and the British Psychological Society Learning Centre. The Centre is a ISCP Approved CPD Provider.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM) is a leading professional body. Learners can join their unique learning experience, access 1000’s of leadership resources, and become a professional. The Centre for Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development programmes are Institute Approved. Our Learners become eligible to join the Institute of Leadership and Management at Associate and Full Member levels.

In 2022 we launched the National Academy of Coaching Psychology Ltd (NACP), a research and training institute focusing on developing the field of coaching psychology.